Experience Morocco is in the business of changing perspectives

We uncover experiences that open our guests’ points of view about our country and invite them to build a lasting connection with our home. By traveling with our guests, we travel within ourselves to find new ways of enriching Moroccan traditions with influences from around the world.

As a leading provider of curated and authentic travels across Morocco and with a diverse team of travel professionals who speak 16 languages, we have the experience and know-how to design memorable trips custom-built around your objectives. We offer genuine cultural adventures that go beyond the typical tourist circuits to give you a nuanced understanding of our culture in all its beauty and intricacy.

Are you tempted yet? Discover your inner chef as you cook your first Tagine, learn the ancient ways of laying traditional Moroccan tiles, and let the rhythm echo as you drum to bedouin beats around a Saharan campfire. We welcome you to join us and Experience Morocco.

“My favorite moment of the trip was visiting a local school in the countryside by Tangier. I loved interacting with the children and it was fascinating to learn about the public education system.”

Luciana, March 2017

*This really is Luciana! All people pictured below are real travelers who’ve been our guests over the years

Bespoke Travel

Experience Morocco isn’t just a name. We earn our name each time we create a quintessential ‘Moroccan Moment’ that is unique to each traveler. Our commitment is to deliver a fully-customized journey that caters to needs of every individual attending, no matter the size of the group. From couples and small groups of friends to family reunions and large corporate retreats, we’ve successfully hosted groups of all stripes and we'll make sure that your trip to Morocco goes off without a hitch.

We pride ourselves on planning activities to match the interests of any traveler. Interested in a one-on-one welding workshop with a local artist, we can arrange that. Want to summit the highest mountain in North Africa, we will help you get there. Need to host a conference, we know the best spaces to welcome large groups. We will manage every aspect of your trip with close attention to detail, making sure to meet your objectives on everything from special dietary restrictions to specific requests for one-of-a-kind events.

With dedicated team of travel specialists, guides, drivers, and experts who will accompany you every step of the way, you can have peace of mind that everything will go as planned so you can truly enjoy your time in Morocco.

“Experience Morocco was great helping us make the most of our short trip to Morocco. They listened carefully to our ideas and wishes and personalized our trip accordingly. We had a truly amazing time.”

Gay, March 2018

“Imane and the Experience Morocco team have been incredibly knowledgeable, efficient, patient, and kind from the very beginning of our trip planning and all throughout our time in Morocco. We would absolutely recommend Experience Morocco to anyone interested in traveling the country.”

Avia, January 2017


Yoga: Roll out your mat in Morocco!

Get outside of the studio and into Morocco with a new country, culture, and landscape as the backdrop of your practice. Throughout this unparalleled retreat, a senior yoga instructor will guide you through two to three destinations within Morocco, where you will combine wellness and adventure to unlock new perspectives. Join us in exploring the many benefits of a traveling-yoga retreat, which has been mindfully paced to ensure that you relax and unwind from the Sahara to sea.

Women’s: Discover Morocco alongside of your fellow female travel-lovers!

While it’s popularity as a travel destination is growing, as a female traveler you may still have concerns about your security. With this in mind, we curate specialized all-women's group trips to Morocco. These trips offer female explorers a way to travel in Morocco with the security and support of a group, but without sacrificing the opportunity to really immerse oneself in the culture and get off the tourist track.

Design: Delve into the diversity of Moroccan artisanship

From rug weaving and brass etching to wood carving and mosaics, Morocco is a design-lover’s paradise. These crafts are intimately tied to the history and culture of the country and continue to be practiced by specialised local designers. Whether your interest is in interior design, photography, architecture, fashion design, or a combination of the latter, you can embark on a tour led by an expert in your field that caters to your specialization within the world of design.

Culinary: Experience Morocco through your taste buds!

Join us for a one-of-a-kind culinary experience combining the most delectable Arab, Berber, and Mediterranean influences in a journey across all of Morocco's diverse landscapes! You’ll become a bona fide Moroccan chef with your own recipes for tagines, couscous, pastilla, and pastries. You’ll also discover the magic properties of Argan oil, cook Berber bread in the Sahara, explore the spice markets, and experience the full breadth of Moroccan gastronomy. From bargaining at the souks to seeing the sights and staying in stunning properties across the Kingdom, join us for an unforgettable sensory adventure and return home with your very own Moroccan cookbook!

“First day back home and already missing our time in Morocco. Morocco quickly changed from a foreign land to home. Although it has a complicated history and culture, through our guides and stops we quickly became familiar with it. The people are very open, and it's really nice to see how they all greet each other with so much affection and respect.”

Alberto, October 2018
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Fixed Departures

Our Signature Small Group Trips offer guests the chance to have an immersive and unique experience of Morocco, but at a budget-friendly price. Small group trips will follow a pre-arranged 8-night itinerary with options for pre- and post-trip extensions. These groups will welcome no more than 16 individuals, ensuring an intimate and in-depth tour for all the travelers. A small group trip is perfect for single travelers looking to meet like-minded adventurers, or couples and small groups of friends with more limited budgets but who would still want to experience Morocco in comfort and style. Unlike other small group trips in the industry, our trips are guaranteed to happen even with just 1 paying participant, so there is no need to worry about whether the trip will hit a minimum number of people! There is a fixed departure date of the first Saturday of every month, and if you’re interested in joining, get in touch with us through our contact form or email us directly at contact@experiencemorocco.com.

“This was an amazing trip! I didn’t know anyone prior to joining and walked away with lifelong friends, memories I’ll never forget and some great photos! Loved every minute of it and how much of Morocco we were able to see and experience in such a short amount of time! Would definitely go on another trip with this group.”

Ashley, November 2018


Morocco is the perfect place to host your next event, conference, wedding, or team-building sessions. You’ll step into a new world where the highest level of service meets beautiful natural scenery and dramatic landscapes. Our experienced team has already organized high-profile events for organizations including Google, Harvard Business School, MIT, and some of Morocco’s leading businesses; and we can make sure that your event goes off seamlessly. Read more...

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Build client relationships and and hold working sessions in inspiring environments.

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Incentive Trips

Reward your team and build camaraderie as together you explore the unique landscapes, cultures, and foods of Morocco.

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Our partnerships with a variety of luxurious and functional properties will ensure your next conference is extra memorable and fruitful.

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We know the ideal properties to host an expo of any size that combine business amenities with easy access to local cultural experiences.

“My wife and I have traveled a good deal, and we can say without hesitation that the Experience Morocco itinerary was the best of all our vacations. We had a national guide, Mohammed, who was completely Zen, all-knowing and read our desires perfectly.”

Christopher 2018


Responsible Travel

Experience Morocco is a socially-minded business. Our goal is to have a lasting positive impact on Morocco that starts with the travel industry. This starts with a commitment to hiring the best local talent and forming a team that adheres to high ethical standards, with a shared desire to play an active role in Morocco’s development. Equally important is developing a family of partners who adhere to our same values of delivering on promises, being ambassadors for Morocco, and growing businesses that empowers people to do the right thing.

As part of this vision, we also invest in NGOs that are expanding access to education in Morocco. We partner with foundations such as the Zakoura Foundation and have helped fund their programs to increase the number of students receiving quality preschool and primary education. Recently, when one of our mountain guides alerted us to the need in his village for a new school building, we partnered with the local community to build a new primary school.

Our aim is to make the world a bit better every time someone travels with us to Morocco.

Our Team

“This was a bucket list trip for me. They understood we wanted a more upscale experience and put together a wonderful itinerary with awesome, friendly guides for us. I can't think of one negative thing except that I should have brought an empty suitcase with me.”

Kristie, August 2017

What Our Guests Are Saying


“Our trip in Morocco was excellent! Our expectations were high, but the journey and all we experienced far exceeded them.” - Susan, October 2018


“I am beyond grateful for Imane and her team for building the best itinerary ever. We had an unforgettable experience in Marrakesh. Everything from the Riad, to our driver and everything in between, to the attention to detail with food allergies and the timing of everything you planned out. I will never forget this trip and it's all thanks to you.” - Brittni, January 2019


“My trip with Experience Morocco couldn't have been better! They answered ALL our questions, made us feel welcome, and truly helped us to experience Morocco through their eyes.” - Celia, March 2019


“Our trip to Morocco was perfect from start to finish. I wouldn't change a thing about it, and I would highly recommend this company to others.” - Marni, July 2018


“As a busy executive it is nice to work with a professional company that understands making the process easy and tailored will be appreciated. From the detailed and sophisticated planning ahead of the trip, to the execution during the trip, and the kind touches of detail throughout, I am completely satisfied. Their country knowledge resulted in a profound experience.” - Jason, April 2017


“We had an awesome time! Experience Morocco did an amazing job with every aspect of the trip and were a pleasure to work with!” - Darryn, May 2018


“I must start by saying that we have traveled the world with various travel groups. Experience Morocco was by far the best travel group we have ever experienced. The imagination and organization was second to none.” - Christina, October 2017


“I am the biggest skeptic - I always look for something to be "not right." In the case of Experience Morocco, I was proven wrong every time I sought to question something.Experience Morocco was more than just a tour company - it was the vehicle by which we were able to explore and develop a profound love for a country that often is not on many peoples' radar.” - Swati, January 2019


“Having talked to others who have traveled in Morocco, including friends who speak Arabic and French, I thought it would be more difficult for us (who only really spoke English) to navigate the country. I'm sure it would have been had it not been for Experience Morocco - but with them, it was easy.” - Brendan, November 2017

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